November-December, 2009

Turtle Mandala
2nd grade project
Color a mandala using a color pattern to create a design with rhythm.
Cut out mandala mat on preselected color paper leave a boarder.

Mandala will be the shell to the turtle.
Add body parts and decorate in Aboriginal dream-dot style.
Look at examples of designs and patterns.

November, 2009

Cookie People Around the World
First Grade


November, 2009

Kindergarten Wacky Face Mask
using a paper plate as the base for the mask students reviewed the parts of the human face
and where they are located. Markers and pipe cleaners were the additional supplies used to complete this fun project.


November, 2009

Session II
Mandalas, Mosaics, Masks, Molas and Mummies
We will continue to explore the art, customs, clothing, culture
and architecture found in different countries. Each student
will be involved in a hands on project (or projects) that involves either
mandalas, mosaics, masks, molas or mummies. All projects
connect to classroom curriculum or support VAPA standards.

October-November, 2009

After School "Drawing from Life"
class open to students grades 3-6

October November

After School "Color Me Fun"
art class open to students in grades 1-3

October, 2009

Paper Mache skulls
5th grade project