6th grade Egyptian Project

3rd grade Western Watercolor sky

2 part project introduces students to basic landscape elements and connects to classroom theme of the planets and stars.

Drawing birds from nature

 Part I of the Birds of North America 5th grade project.
Drawing are inspired by the work of naturalist John James Audubon.

1st grade fun with quilt patterns

 Each student created their own 9 patch quilt square using pre-cut paper squares. The  patches will fit together to form a class quilt.

Cookie People

Kindergarten guess what creature we are drawing?

 Fun direct drawing project using basic shapes.
Students add color and details

Kindergarten shapes to trace

Part one select two shapes to trace creating an ABAB pattern.

Part two, select two colors and color in the shapes in an ABAB pattern.

4th grade name tile project

 Complex project in which students use their name to create a graphic image connected to Spainish Tile Design.

3rd grade Day of the Dead skulls

Created from Model Magic

Fall Winter Harvest Basket

 Intro to weaving and building on pattern skills students create a paper basket, draw a table top and complete the still life with fruits, vegetables and leaves.


End of Session One start of Session Two

Fun Day of the Dead drawing/coloring skull project with 6th grade

Kinder Summer Leaves into Fall leaves

3rd grade bead project

Working with natural colored-air dry clay students create beads-connects to Native American culture and money unit.

After School Academy Oct 2010

Dragons and Imaginary Creatures.

Grades 1-3 after school program

First Grade Painting a Flag

Students learned to us a ruler to draw straight lines. Working with ABAB patterns they painted red stripes, added a blue rectangle with 13 starts.