Torn Paper Self Portaits

 Students review the basics for creating a self portrait practicing on sketch paper with mirrors. Using head shaped patterns they drew a simplified picture of themselves on card stock. Construction paper and magazines were the materials used to complete this project. Students used glue sticks to apply the materials but scissors were not allowed, this was a torn paper art piece. I think they did a great job.

Mona Lisa Pop

This lesson combines an introduction to the Renaissance and the artist Leonardo daVinci as well as the Pop art approach to creating by Andy Warhol. Using a simple coloring book outline of the Mona Lisa, with a clear overhead and Sharpie markers student trace the lines and attach their work (with tape at the top so the overhead can be lifted up) to white card stock. 

Last color paper in a collage style, no scissors, torn paper only they are to add color and their design approach to this classic art icon.

Colorful Building Colorful City

Using one color per table students created a value scale rectangle that will be later be cut  to create one city building for an individual project and one city building for a class project. This art project explores color, shape, size, balance, line and design. We used observation and discussion to create the details and addition design components to complete the pictures. What is a city? What are the shapes do you see on buildings? Foreground, middle ground and many connections

Kinder/First painted city