starting the year sitting on the floor

2nd grade sea turtle oceans 

painting a lovely sea!

The new tables have yet to arrive so we pushed forward with a variety of projects starting on the floor.

Warm color blending with 1st grade pumpkins!

Our very own Pumpkin Patch!

Drawing in the Peace Garden Sept 2019

We are so lucky to live in a city with such great weather and to have a school with such wonderful gardens. Drawing in nature is a powerful way to develop your artist's eye,  first hand observation.

Mrs. Kane tending the Vegetable Garden 

working on a lot detail 

Just a few drawing examples 


Working on the floor with 5th and 6th grade Sept 2019

Image result for louise nevelson
Louise Nevelson construct 
Inspired by the assemblage work of artist/sculpture  Louise Nevelson students collected and arranged wooden scraps onto a cardboard base. Later these will be painted a grouped together to create a series of classroom wallscapes.

Our first month in the art room Sept 2019

Well the tables and stools were delayed but the teaching must go on, so we spent the first few weeks drawing the Peace Garden. On most days mother nature worked with us and kept the temperatures below 95.

Welcome to our New Year 2019-20

Hello and Welcome!

This year in the Art Room our big theme is "Recycle, Reuse and Repurpose". I am excited to see how that works into our projects and techniques, I hope you are too!

I set up the art projects for the year but always leave a little "wiggle room" for changes and updates. So you can expect several of our classic favorites as well as a couple surprises. Also, watch for changes in the art room itself. New tables and stools are on their way, just another step in the ongoing dance of trying to stay ahead of the artistic chaos that is the dance of the Art Teacher.

I look forward to working with each of you,


Ms. Jane

3 weeks into the year the tables and stools have arrived!