Drawing a realistic human face

 Drawing a realistic human face can be a challenge for even the most accomplished artist. 

Proportions, scale and detail.

Knowing where are of the main parts need to go and how they are shaped.

Here are a few reference sheets to help you on this art adventure but remember practice practice and PRACTICE!

A basic human head shape is great place to start when drawing a face 


draw it light until you get it right 

Beautiful faces to inspire 

3 very famous portraits 

Now have fun coloring your own Museum Masterpiece! 


Story Time with Mrs. Kane 

Mrs. Kane shares a story that will help us all to deal better with these very stressful times!

So get comfortable and get ready to feel better! (click on the link above) 

What is going to and find out! 

Pr K, Kinder and First

 Using art to share feelings and emotions. 

This month we explored several fun books and took on drawing mini monsters and shape monsters!

These were some of the books we used that inspired our own Creature Creations! 

Jean-Michel Basquiat's sisters talk growing up with the Brooklyn-born ar...

It is really insightful to hear his sister's talk about their childhood and life together. 


Spotlight artists for January 2021

Our spotlight artists for January 2021 are: 

Georgia O'Keeffe-American Modernist and Master of Color 

Vincent Van Gogh-Dutch Post Impressionist and Expressive Master 

Jean-Michel Basquiat-American Neo Expressionist and Pioneer of street art

Mary Blair-American Artist,Graphic Designer and Prominent Disney Animator


The myth behind the Chinese zodiac - Megan Campisi and Pen-Pen Chen

Here is a very informative video explaining the Chinese Zodiac creatures.  

How Asians Celebrate Lunar New Year Worldwide

Lunar New Year is celebrated world wide, here in CA San Francisco has one of the largest celebrations in the world! 

Bet You Didn't Know: Chinese New Year | History

This Year Chinese New Year is Feb. 12, the Year of the Ox.

Yau Kung Moon USA ~ International Dragon and Lion Dance Day 2018世界龍獅日

Amazing lion and dragon dance. So much control of movement and the puppets are beautiful! 

Learning the Art of Movement With Macao’s Wushu Master

What a nice connection to Chinese New Year!