My Starry Night

Kinder Fall Self Portrait

Arty Little Spider

Name Game!

Welcome to our New Year 2016-17 Full STEAM ahead!

This year we are going to expand our hands on learning and really move in a process over product direction. And what better way to start the New Year than with a series of painted paper workshops.

End of Year Art Show 2015-16

Promotion Self Portraits

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Artist Andy Warhol 

A David Lubin tradition...
Inspired by the post work of  Pop artists Andy Warhol and Shepard Fairy
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Artist Shepard Fairey 

Art Money

Cubist Inspired Portraits

Fancy Birds

Orca Leaping

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms- Watercolor, stamping and paint using recycled and unconventional paint materials

2016 Garden Poster and Tour Weekend

Vase of flowers

Reaching for Love!

We Love Spring!

This is me! End of the year self portrait


2-D paper Robots, 3-D recycle Robots

3-D wire sculptures

Monster Selfie 3 D model

History of Portraits

3 D paper sculpture

Audubon Bird Project

Audubon Day- Introduction to famous American based artist, explorer and naturalist John James Audubon. How did he live and work? Observation and Imagination.

Bird sketches-studying class resources, handouts, and print reproductions create a bird sketchbook, pencil & sketch paper. Looking closely, details, contour lines, anatomy, using art/science vocabulary.
Science/Art connection  

Audubon inspired bird prints-Student select bird drawing from their portfolio to create as a limited run series of print. Transfer image to soft plate using a wooden stylist. Model printing process. Small groups pull prints, sign artist proof, refine and make individual paper and ink color choices. Reflect on images.
Engineering/Art connection observe imagine process product

Tree in a Landscape


Egg Day

Direct Drawing

Red white and Robot

Fall Leaf Radial Design

Rainbow Zebra

Cool Cat Warm Room

Cool Cat Warm Room-Using a pattern, designing a picture, following step by step instructions, stamping colors, skill building
Color theory and building art vocabulary

Lots of Painted Paper


My Happy Winter House

Happy Wintere  House- recognizing a “house” shape, using a variety of materials and techniques to create individual Happy Homes all using the same pattern, following a series of directions.
Skill building


Name Game

Kinders worked with writing their name big little top bottom and sideways with rainbow crayons. Part II watercolor over name art exploring blending and watercolor techniques.

Name Rainbow Game-Line direction, following series of stop and go directions, how to use a paint brush, watercolor blending, skill building.

Continuous Line Drawing

Owls- what is an owl shape, what are owl body parts? Continuous line drawing, following a series of steps, learning to let the pencil/pen guide your design, pen stays on the paper. Connects to skills used in cursive writing.

Problem solving how to create small details? Color, cut and create and environment
A perfect go to project that students can color and detail throughout the school year.

Science/Nature/Art connection observation and imagination

Abstract Drawing with Glue

Overview of Abstract art, intro to pastels.

Sea Turtle Project part I

Warm and Cool...designing the shell is first

Wacky Winter hats

Fun Holiday and or seasonal inspired project perfect for little hands. Lots of pre cut options for creativity.


Kinder Fall Leaves

Changing a Summer green leaf into a Fall warm colored leaf, using oil pastels and for a bit of detail with added a cut and glued yarn center vein.

Student works were displayed on the bulletin board near the front office for all to enjoy.

Mini Selfies

Collage Mini portraits...overview of the history of Portrait painting

Paper Selfie-Introduction to constructing a human face using paper.
Cut and torn paper, collage, composition, refining techniques and details. Supporting personal expression.

Frank Stella inspired

We are building on the Take a Line for a Walk project and looking at the later work of American Artist Frank Stella.

More Cute Cookies

What a sweet and fun way to learn , what are the parts of our face and where are they located. Where are my arms, legs and tummy...coloring, cutting, gluing and creating!


Leaf Tile Patterns

This projects has several steps and involves introducing students to printmaking.

First we did a series of leaf rubbing to transfer the texture and shape of the leaf to the paper.

Lines straight Lines curvy

Lines LINES LiNEs...long straight short curvy this project has it all!

Student get to try out using a ruler to create straight lines, how many lines can you draw in 2 minutes?

We looked at a variety of art work that had strong line use to compare and contrast. Jackson Pollock's expressive work with Frank Stella's more minimalist pieces.

How many curvy cooked spaghetti lines can you draw, how about some ocean waves.  We are building our line vocabulary as we create.

Students then matted their own work with lots of pride!


Picasso inspired Fairy-tale villains

This lesson combines the Picasso/cubist approach to portraiture with well know icons of classic Fairy Tale stories...the witch, troll, wizard...

Also connect to color theory with terms such as hue, value, tone, tint, complementary color...

Lake George

Inspired by the Georgia O'Keeffe painting...collage learning the basics of creating a landscape. We used color pencil to layout the various areas and talked about warm and cool colors. Students were encouraged to use a variety of papers and experiment with tearing out their shapes and forms. Lots of individuality inspired by one classic image.

Name Tile Project

4 part project

Glue, Pastel and a Pumpkin

2 Part project:
looking at pumpkin forms, students practiced drawing step by step. Working with white glue, students drew pumpkins.

After glue had dried students colored the pumpkins and stems with chalk pastels.