Under the Sea

Picasso Flower Project

This two part project was created by the Pre-K and Kinder Special Needs students. They painted the flowers and did the blue hand prints. Picasso is our inspiration for this piece. 

Warm and Cool Landscape

This 3rd grade project uses, pencil, oil pastels and black sharpies. Students review the color wheel and discuss warm/cool colors looking a famous works of art. What is a landscape? Element of perspective  Using direct drawing they create a simple 3 hill/3 tree landscape. The tree should be the same style on each hill but get progressively smaller as seen further in the distance. Inspired by the work of Hunderwasser and folk/primitive works (provided in table hand outs and prints seen around the room) students sketch their landscape and work on building patterns. The sky should have one moon/sun element.

Students redraw their composition on sturdy paper and go over the pencil lines using sharpie markers. They must decide on warm or cool ground/tree and warm or cool sky/moon/sun.

Rainbow Robots

Kinders love color and liquid watercolors are so bright and cheerful.

On water friendly card stock students painted bands, lines for pockets of color.

Using pre-cut rectangles and triangles they created a robot body (head, body, 2 arms and 2 legs) and attached to dry background.

Details were added with additional pre-cut squares and rectangles in construction paper and special shiny scraps. Crayons and color pencil were used for drawing details and sequins were available for buttons, eyes and other robot elements.
Love all the special details that make each Robot so unique just like each artist!

Our own Monet

This project was created by the mixed 1st/2nd special needs class. Influenced by Monet's waterlily series.

Laura Burch Cat inspired project

Inspired by the art work of artist and textile designer Laurel Burch this cat project uses direct drawing and allows for a lot of individual creative expression.
The drawing was completed using color pencils, metallic color color pencil and crayons and gel markers.