Plate Face

What better way to start drawing a person than to start at the top with the face. These paper plate faces are silly expressive and very colorful especially when kooky hair is added.

This is ME!

This intro to the arts is wonderful warm-up for students on a year long journey to draw a human form.

The California Bear

This two part direct drawing project involves creating sketches, a finish drawing, redrawing in glue and then adding details and color with chalk pastels.

Sketchbook project-September 2010

6th grade students created sketchbooks that they will use throughout the year for warm up exercises and planning. They were allowed to design their own cover with a few specific elements: Title, name, classroom, and all or part of their hand. They enjoyed the creative freedom for personal expression.

Art History

What in this painting, let's step inside and find out...?

Art 2010-11

Welcome to America a Work of ART
This year we will spotlight American Artists and their diverse works from indigenous people to Warhol, Audubon to Bearden.


End of year Student Art show

Art makes a more colorful world, student art show


6th grade graduation self portait project

Art Posters

Posters created to support the David Lubin art program

Recycle Robots

After School Recycle Robot Class

Blooming Art Student Show

April 2010 Blooming Art Student Show

2010 Garden Tour Poster Contest

2010 Garden Tour
 Poster contest

Looking back

Large clcolorful chalk pastel flower drawings, inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe work.
These were displayed in the South Western cactus garden during the May Mother's Day Garden Tour.

Session 5 End of the year

Water color fun
2nd grade Cherry Blossoms

My money

3rd grade self portaits on art money

Torn paper Self Portaits

5th grade self portrait project

students create torn paper self portait,
using a base drawing to buil their finished

Spring is in the art

Kindergarten and First Grade
Bug Cafe