My travel room

6th grade e collage piece.

March Pastel Trees

Fifth grade

6th grade 3-D shapes

March 2010

Cozy Cottage-oil pastle drawings, center/circle warm colors, surrounding area cool colors.

March-April Picasso inpired self portraits

4th grade oil pastel Picasso inspired self portraits-

Self portraits and more Session 4

Kinder, First and Second
Oil pastel self portraits
on 6x9 color construction paper 

Rainbow City

Working with shape, line and color students create a rainbow city with a horizon line, background and details. Collage and drawing.

February March 2nd and 3rd grade

Half face project. Students select a half face black and white image and create the other half with pencil.

Kindergarten Penguin drawing

Direct drawing project using a rectangle as the starting shape. Penguins are always fun!