Picasso Inspired Paper Face

Continuing with our 5th grade portrait projects we looked at the work of Picasso. Using construction paper, crayons, scissors and color pencils students created a Cubist inspired face.

Still Life Collage

This multiple step/session project connects to a variety of themes and standards. It introduces students to the basics of a Still Life and the work of artist Vincent Van Gogh while having them work with a ruler and directional vocabulary (vertical, horizontal and diagonal ) to draw/create the table. Explores vocabulary such as symmetrical, foreground, middle ground and background and allows for a lot of individual expression.

Our project and idea board for this art work 

Rainbow Robots

Multiple skills and techniques-Background exploration of color using liquid watercolors and wet on wet application. Robot form created from pre-cut squares and rectangles-parts Head, Body, 2 arms 2 legs. Details added with additional shapes, crayons and color pencil. Allows for a lot of personal creativity within a structured format. Stickers and shiny collage material are available as a last step.

Ancient Egypt

Cats were worshiped by the ancient Egyptians, students made their own golden Cat demi-god.