Where is your Mummy?

Supporting 6th grade World History Standards and Visual Arts skill building/design themes this 3 session mummy projects was both creative and educational (and lots of fun). Starting with a brief discussion of ancient Egyptian life and art supported with hand outs, prints and books students made sketches of their
royal tomb.

To create the coffin students had the option of using preprinted guides or drawing their own. This project used crayons, color pencils, beads, tissue paper and othe small decorative collage elements. Once the drawing was completed and cut out it was mounted on folded black paper (card like) and inside they drew-with white color pencil a mummy and or skeleton (once again with visual support materials)

Warm and Cool folk art landscape

This project was inspired by a post I saw on Pinterest (will find and post later). Students learned about foreground, middleground and background while creationg a very simple and stylized country scene.

Warm and cool oil pastels were used to add color. Last, they could ouline their completed design with a black oil pastel.

Great Birds of North America

Supported by observation and discussion students created several pencil sketches of North American birds. They were provided with table top hands outs and other visual supports to create these drawings and collect them in a sketchbook/portfolio.

This project supports skill building and  connects Early American History themes such as Mr. Audubon (explorer/artist)  and his work regarding the birds and wild life of early North America. These drawing were then transferred to soft printing plates using a wooden pencil. Plates were printed with water base wood block ink. Students learned to sign and number their prints and artist's proofs.

Rainbow City 2012

What is a City? What does it sound like? What does it look like?
Compare and contast city and country. I found art prints of famous paintings very helpful in this discussion.

All of the building rectangles were precut from scraps-great way to use up those bits and pieces at the end of the year.

This kindergarten project connects to shape and color identification and introduces students to using a ruler (to create a horizon line). Crayons, color pencils, metalic crayons and paper scrape details were added later to complete each cityscape and help it come alive!


Impressionist Inspired Landscape

Students in Ms. A's blend class created Impressionist inspired landscapes using tempera paint, tissue paper and lots of hands on fun.

I broke this lesson into 3 sessions, one painting the sky and ground, second adding the brown hand/tree and last tissue paper spring blossoms.