Rainbow Zebra

Happy Rainbow Zebras-this project was inspired by a Pinterest post (see link below)

Teacher sample with materials

Part I: Students select 2 colors of paper to cut (lines/stripes) to glue on a pre cut rectangular shape. Model how to cut from edge to edge. Cut and glue in a pattern leaving white space between each stripe.

Part II: Using tempera paint on large paper, students create a landscape for their Zebra. Connect sky to ground.

Part III: Design head using smaller pre-cut rectangle-embellish with the same color pattern as the larger (body) rectangle.

Part IV: Assemble all parts and add legs, yarn tail, mane and savanna grass.

Still Life Surprise

Still Life Surprise-Inspired by Vincent Van Gogh's sunflowers and an assortment of Dutch flower themed still life masterpieces

Part I using a ruler to create a table/horizon line and watercolors  students develop an understanding of foreground, middle ground and background. They could only use a total of 4 colors in the painting process.

Part II using folded construction paper students will draw and cut out a symmetrical vase to sit on the table.

Part III The flowers and leaves are torn paper, the centers are pre-cut or torn.

Part IV: adding details and a camouflaged insect of some kind (surprise!)

Starry Night in the Jungle

This first grade project combines Vincent VanGogh's Starry Night with Henri Rouseaus' jungle paintings. Using tempera paint, paper collage, color pencil and crayons our young artists created their own imaginary tiger/jungle composition.
Starry Night Sky with some jungle collage elements
Starry Night Sky with some jungle collage elements
Starry Night Sky with some jungle collage elements
Starry Night Sky with some jungle collage elements


Western Expansion

Starry Nights meets the Oregon trail.
Students created a Starry Night inspired sky with watercolor, sea salt and crayon. Torn black paper was used for the ground. Working in teams they connected their ground and developed a story based on their knowledge of the 1800's journey out west. We looked at art prints from the time and table hand outs of the west (animals, landscape and clothing styles of the Old West) for inspiration.
With scissors, more black paper and Sharpie markers they added the final details to their composition.

I think they did a great job!