Fun with Straight Lines

Kinders continue exploring lines...straight, parallel, perpendicular, intersecting, long and short.
Using pre-cut line segments, students play with the pieces and create a composition that they find interesting.

Using glue sticks, artists attach the black lines to one of three primary color background provided.


Make your own colors

Using the 3 primary colors students explored  how to blend and make their own secondary colors.

Meet Mr. Bones

This two part project blends Science and Art. What does a skeleton look like? How many bones are in an adult human skeleton? What is the biggest bone in the human body? What is the smallest bone in the human body? Using imagination and observation, discussion and hands on direct drawing students are introduced to the marvels of the human skeleton.

Drawing Mr. Bones:
We fold the pre-cut long black construction paper in half. Using white color pencils, white charcoal pencil or white crayon, students draw a skull at the top, pelvic bone on the fold line and two feet at the bottom. Now the job is to connect these parts. Using red light green light/direct drawing we build our Mr. Bones together step by step. Here are a few examples of the end results. I also send home a skeleton information hand out so that the artists can continue their studies.


Color "wheel" landscape

2nd/3rd grade color/painting project two parts.
Part I using the primary and secondary colors and direct drawing create a landscape from hot desert to the cool mountains.
Part II using Sharpies add landscape details and add snow/clouds to composition with tempera paints.

Talking about art

What words can we use to discuss art? Is art a product or a process or both?

Kinder A for artist L for line...

A is for artist...Kinders draw a self portrait the first week of art, this is a great meet and greet lesson and a way to evaluate and observe the artists at work in very free form project.