September-October 2006


Session one introduced students to the country of Mexico using examples of their art work and traditions as well as a brief historic over-view. We talked about a special holiday celebrated in Mexico and parts of Central/South America, Day of the Dead. This celebration is not a Mexican Halloween it is a time for joy and for remembering.
For this holiday unique treats are created, one very artistic confection is the Sugar Skull. These candies are symbols of the holiday much like chocolate hearts (for us) represent Valentines Day.

We also discussed the human skeleton looked at the parts and discussed how do we look and move? What are bones? Should we be afraid of skeletons?

( above "This is me" self-portrait created by one of our kindergarten artists. )

The students were introduced to two very special artists from Mexico, Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. We discussed their artistic styles (Frida's work was centered around small personal/self portraits and Diego created large social political murals) and compared them as artist and people (little-big...) .

Here are examples of some of the wonderful Day of the Dead inspired projects created by our students during the first art session (September-October)

September-October 2006

3-D paper mache skulls
5th grade created small paper-mache skulls, that they decorated with tissue paper, markers and fabric/trim scraps. They looked at examples of sugar skulls used in the "Day of the Dead" celebrations as design inspiration.

September-October 2006

Day of the Dead

3rd graders created Day of the Dead posters using pre-printed skeleton images, construction paper and markers.


September-October 2006

Fun with Skulls

Students cut out and colored pre-printed paper skulls and created a collage using tissue paper, markers, construction paper and crayons.

"What do you think?"

September- October 2006

Funny Faces

Kindergartners learned about the parts of the human face and created colorful masks on paper plates

"Does this look like me?"


September- October 2006 Day of the Dead

Fourth graders learned about the human skeleton and made cultural connections relating to their study of California history.

They created large cut paper models complete with jointed limbs. The skeletons were then decorated and clothed with cut paper and embellishments. This was a cultural tie-in with the Day of the Dead Holiday celebrated in Central America.


September- October 2006

Little Big

First graders experimented with color and size and created wonderful Little Big pictures using oil pastels, pencil and construction paper

Little Big

Gallery of Art for 2005-6


Artistic highlights from the 2005-6
school year.

Pastel flower drawings

Portrait collages with cut paper, color pencils
and crayons

3rd grade pop art portraits

Vincent Van Gogh inspired
Starry Night
creations, 5th grade oil pastel on construction paper

1st grade warm and cool seasons

Kinder Kats

End of School Art Show 2006

The Art Show
School year 2005-2006

It was a great year!

May-June 2006


Hands on activities included: pastel drawings on individual flowers and still-life compositions.

May-June 2006

Art in Nature


Polly Sanders' Art in the School Grant Program 2006

Art Grant
David Lubin Elementary School received a grant from local Realtor Polly Sanders. Funds from the grant were specifically directed for the resident art program. All students were invited to participate in a school wide "draw your home" art contest. Basic supplies and guidelines were provided by Ms. Sanders. Art work was judged by a panel of local artists/educators and community leaders. Awards were presented for each grade as well as a "best of show" and a "publishers choice" .


March-April 2006


Student looked at examples of portraits throughout history and discussed styles and techniques. They learned about the lay-out of the human face and the symmetry involved. They compared the visions of two great artist- Leonardo daVinci and Andy Warhol. Hands on projects included: oil pastel self portraits, Warhol inspired pop art Mona Lisa collages and "print" making portraits.

Andy Warhol meets the Mona Lisa. 5th grade student work using paper collage and overlays.

Artist in the spotlight- Leonardo daVinci and Andy Warhol

March-April 2006

Faces and Symmetry

Second Grade symmetrical faces. Materials used: 1/2 face magazine photos and oil pastels on construction paper.

March-April 2006

Self Portraits

Self-portraits- oil pastels on construction paper, by first grade students. Templates were used for the basic head shape/placement.

March-April 2006

Pop Art self-portraits

Art work by 3rd grade students. Self portraits done in the bold pop-print making style of Andy Warhol. Original pencil drawings were photo-copied and hand colored using markers and color pencils, mounted on construction paper

January-February 2006


Students explored the world of patterns, looked at examples of tessellations in both nature and art. They compared black and white and color art work and discussed creating 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional shapes. Hands on activities included creating a Mobius strip, designing and constructing an octahedron and working with Escher inspired designs.

Artist in the spotlight-M.C. Escher

November-December 2005


Students were introduced to the color wheel, primary and secondary colors, "warm" and "cool" colors and the emotions that colors can express when used in art. Hands on activities included: working with oil pastels to create a warm/cool landscape and recreating Van Gogh's use of color and line to express emotion and show movement.

Spotlight artist- Vincent Van Gogh (with a focus on his landscape paintings-particularly Starry Nights).