September-October 2006


Session one introduced students to the country of Mexico using examples of their art work and traditions as well as a brief historic over-view. We talked about a special holiday celebrated in Mexico and parts of Central/South America, Day of the Dead. This celebration is not a Mexican Halloween it is a time for joy and for remembering.
For this holiday unique treats are created, one very artistic confection is the Sugar Skull. These candies are symbols of the holiday much like chocolate hearts (for us) represent Valentines Day.

We also discussed the human skeleton looked at the parts and discussed how do we look and move? What are bones? Should we be afraid of skeletons?

( above "This is me" self-portrait created by one of our kindergarten artists. )

The students were introduced to two very special artists from Mexico, Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. We discussed their artistic styles (Frida's work was centered around small personal/self portraits and Diego created large social political murals) and compared them as artist and people (little-big...) .

Here are examples of some of the wonderful Day of the Dead inspired projects created by our students during the first art session (September-October)