January-February 2010

3-D Pyramid
Using a pre printed template students, cut out, colored and assembled a three dimensional pyramid.

January-February 2010

My Snow Person
2 part project

Kindergarten students explore shapes, size, location  and body parts in this fun project. Small circle on the top, medium sized circle in the middle and large circle on the bottom.
What are the parts of the face...and what does our snow person need to complete his/her look?
Review body parts and with student help draw together a snow person on the board.
Students draw their own snow person using pencils and colored pencils.
Part II adding the weather
What kind of weather would a snow person want to live in?
Using white glue, blue and white pre-cut tissue paper and clear glitter, students add snow to their picture.
Messy good fun!

January-February 2010

1/2 face to face project
3 parts
Students were introduced to the layout/composition of the human face. Where the parts are and what do they look like? Using pre printed face patterns they practiced drawing a “realistic” face. Looking in a mirror they changed their expression and observed facial feature shapes. After completing their sketches, students selected a preprinted half face portrait. They attached the image to a natural backdrop and completed the picture by drawing the other half of the face.

January-February 2010

Yarn Mandala

This project is influenced by the work of the Huichols people of west central Mexico. These indigenous people have preserved their pre-European religion and rituals and use many of these symbols and myths in their art. Students looked at samples of yarn painting by the Huichols’ and using a mandala template created their own color patterns and designs.


January-February 2010

Habitat for Humanity

"What does home mean to me?" placemat project.

here is part of a letter I recieved from the local Habitat for Humanity Orgainization...

"We are gearing up for our 16th Annual Hammy Awards Dinner. This event recognizes the outstanding contributions of volunteers over the past year. It takes approximately 3,000 volunteer hours to build a Habitat home. Last year, Sacramento Habitat built 6 homes for local low-income families. That’s over 18,000 volunteer hours!

To help make our volunteer recognition event wonderful we need your help. We would like to have your students draw a colorful picture of what home means to them. Their picture will be laminated and used as a placemat for each one of our guests at our event. Guests will also take home the placemat as a special gift to say thank you for helping Sacramento Habitat build hope and homes for the families in our community. This would also be a chance for your students to possibly have their first volunteer experience."

Great project for a great cause and it connected directly with the Art Ark Architecture theme and our school theme of "It's a small world".

Sesson 3 The Art Ark...January 2010

Crocker Museum ART ARK
The Art Ark is a mobile art education center, which brings original works of art and art activities to schools throughout the region. Designed for students in grades K-8, a gallery area displays contemporary artworks for discussion, and activity stations involve students in the creative process.
This year the Art Ark theme is: Building Imagination: The Art of Architecture
Students will examine the history of architecture, the relationship between art and design, and how architecture reflects time, place, and community ideals.
During this tour, students will discuss the architectural timeline and explore interactive learning stations.

December 2009

December 2009 wrap up

November-December 2009

African Shield part II

Students completed the shields, adding feathers, beads, yarn and or cut paper.

November-December 2009

Name Tile

Students create a tile like graphic using the letters of their name. The pattern is repeated in 8 pie like wedges and redrawn on a clear overhead. Color is added with sharpie markers

November-December 2009

3 Part Egyptian Mummy Tomb

Students create this three part project starting with card stock, pencils and colored pencils to make a tomb design (looking at printed samples for inspiration). Top layer is created using card stock, silver and or gold foil, sharpie markers and jewels. Last part is the skeleton/mummy drawn on black paper with white colored pencil. The entire project is put together like a book.