My Happy Winter House

Happy Wintere  House- recognizing a “house” shape, using a variety of materials and techniques to create individual Happy Homes all using the same pattern, following a series of directions.
Skill building


Name Game

Kinders worked with writing their name big little top bottom and sideways with rainbow crayons. Part II watercolor over name art exploring blending and watercolor techniques.

Name Rainbow Game-Line direction, following series of stop and go directions, how to use a paint brush, watercolor blending, skill building.

Continuous Line Drawing

Owls- what is an owl shape, what are owl body parts? Continuous line drawing, following a series of steps, learning to let the pencil/pen guide your design, pen stays on the paper. Connects to skills used in cursive writing.

Problem solving how to create small details? Color, cut and create and environment
A perfect go to project that students can color and detail throughout the school year.

Science/Nature/Art connection observation and imagination

Abstract Drawing with Glue

Overview of Abstract art, intro to pastels.

Sea Turtle Project part I

Warm and Cool...designing the shell is first

Wacky Winter hats

Fun Holiday and or seasonal inspired project perfect for little hands. Lots of pre cut options for creativity.