End of Year Student Art Show 2010-11

Overview of the 2010-11 art program. Our focus this year was "America a Work of Art".

4th grade painting project on display at the
end of year art show

Here is a sample of the fantastic works created by the talented
students of David Lubin
 Hundreds of examples of student work were on display during the Open House event and later all  classrooms were invited to tour the gallery  and enjoy.

Fun with watercolors

Oil Pastel self Portraits

Art on display during the Garden Tour 2011

Student art work on display in the Gunby garden during the East Sac Mother's Day Garden Tour.

Chalk it Up 2011

 Every class took part in the David Lubin Chalk it Up. A fun way to wrap up test week and get ready for the Mother's Day Garden Tour

Mother's Day Garden Tour Poster contest winners

Garden Tour Poster contest 2011

Cherry Blossom

Elegant water color work  using  only black and red and lots of imagination. Inspired by Japanese ink painting. Wonderful salute to spring!


Large full page Flower

 Inspired by the American Artist Georgia O'Keeffe the students made large off the page pastel drawings of flowers. They were encouraged to use imaginary colors.

Funny Fish

What would your imaginary fish look like? We talked about ocean life and the students looked at nature photos and model fish for inspiration, but were encouraged to think outside the box...or in this case outside the ocean. This was an exploration project that used oil pastels.


Fish Prints

Each kinder class got to work in groups and make a fish print. It was a great hands on experience...and colorful too!

Graduation Self Portraits June 2011

 This graduation art project is becoming a school tradition.

I take photos of all the 6th grade students and convert them on Photoshop into a high contrast line drawing printed on a transparency. The students create their own personal statement and add pop collage colors. The works are hung up in the multi purpose room on promotion day and are a gift to families after the ceremony.

Calder Fish

Inspired by the work of American Artist Alexander Calder.

May 2011 Take a Line for a Walk Part II

Take a Line for a Walk Part II students added color/pattern and design to their line drawing with Sharpie markers. The colorful clouds were cut out and changed into 3-D sculptures.

IV session highlights

Finished Torn Paper Self Portraits

 This project brings together the vocabulary of self portrait that the students have building and exploring for several years.

Wall display at end of school art show

Red Robots

Shape, Color, and Spacial Relationships:
Red rectangles create the head (top) body/arms (middle) and legs/feet (bottom) shiny paper, yellow and blue were used for details. Crayon and color pencil provided the finishing touch.

After School Things that Fly

5 session after school workshops. We made kites, butterflies, dragonflies and bat...and had a really fun time

Take a line for a Walk Part I

Take a line for a walk and create the basic shape/form that will become a 3-D sculpture.  Part I students create a cloud or bubble line drawing. They will add color/texture/pattern to the pockets created. This line form will be cut out so all of the outside lines need to connect.

Half Faces

Using half of a pre-printed black and white portrait students completed the other half of the face. They could make color and background choices.

Rainbow City

Primary and secondary colors, rectangles and squares sit on a horizon to create a Rainbow City

Symmetrical Butterfly Mono-Prints

Symmetrical Butterfly Prints beautiful and dramatic