My Monster Hair Day

Some days are bad hair days and some are Monster Hair days. Student continue to explore the structure of the human face, in this project with a more "cartoon" approach. Using a U shape format adding monster hair and other wacky additions this fun one day drawing project allows for lots of creative expression and would work well with a creative writing element.


Kinder A is for Artist

3rd and 2nd/3rd grade, 2 Pumpkin projects at one time

Pumpkin time, pumpkins big, pumpkins small. Drawing, painting, color blending and collage!

4th grade, Sugar Skulls

4th 5th blend, Creating a Landscape

Inspired by the work of Georgia O'Keeffe...

2nd grade Travels to Russia

Such a fun new project with lots of skill building, vocabulary and connects to common core themes in literature!

Special Pre K and DHH Kinder

This is me...what are the parts of the face?

Mixed K-2nd fun with colors

color blending for pumpkins and apples...2 days 2 paint projects, plus we tasted 2 different colors/kinds of apples and did a little compare and contrast.

1st grade Spiders are (almost) everywhere

...but not in the Antarctic.
Day one student drew the spider web following a series of direct drawing instructions. Using vocabulary such as vertical, diagonal, horizontal, intersecting and connecting, the artists created their own web using crayon and filling the page. A rainbow color wash was added and the last step sea salt to give it that dewy twilight twinkle.

Day two, we read spider facts and learned about their body structure and how they are not insects, then it was time to make a spider. Using a variety of collage papers in prints and solids students created the two body parts of spider and the 8 legs.

5th grade Up Up and Away

Connecting to classroom Science standards and building on VAPA standards regarding student understanding of a Landscape, this mixed media project offers lots of creative expression within a structured step by step framework. 3 Part project...

6th grade Little Altars

This culturally connected project, builds on 6th grade world history standards and connects to Common Core objectives, allowing for lots of discussion, observation and hands on learning experiences.