Blue moon value scale sky

Look in the sky on a winter night...
white full moon and rings of blue to black.
Students mix paint with white and black creating a series of value rings
This is part I of the Winter landscape project...

What comes next why trees of course!
Using black paper and series of V shapes to connect the dots. Glue in place and add snowy glitter.
Here is a teacher sample...can't wait to see what the students create.

After School Here Be Dragons

Grades K-3rd
During our six week after school studios we will explore the World of Dragons by creating our own 3-D sculpture of the great beast.  Each student will complete one personal dragon to take home at the end of the workshop series and our young artists will also participate in a group dragon project that will be on display to the entire school.
In this workshop series we will use a variety of materials and techniques such as markers, paint, lots of glue, paper mache and assemblage. Students will need to bring a paper grocery bag (with handle) to class to carry home their creation and if they would like they can bring a paint shirt for the messy days. I will provide all of the art supplies and materials for these projects but I welcome donations of recycled materials such as: cardboard tubes, bottle caps (all shapes and sizes), flats pieces of card board, plastic lids, buttons, wire…please feel free to send them with your child for use by the team.

one completed dragon is ready to go home

all our lovely creatures now have wings and eyes and some with glitter too



Happy Apple Time

Some apples are big, some apples are small and some apples are right in the middle.
Using the painted paper created in an earlier class, the kinder students were given an apple size and asked to draw (on the non painted size) their apples shape.
They were then given scissors-a review of the proper usage of scissors-and instructed to cut out their apple. The teachers wrote the student names on pre-cut leaves to add a label to each apple. The apple crop will be displayed as a group project at the end of the year in a Magritte like manner that will be revealed in a later post. This project allows for additional new students throughout the year to be a part of the group/class project.

After School Imagination City

Imagination City
After School Academy
 6 classes grades 3rd-6th
Using recycled and re purposed materials
as well as basic art supplies students
create their own imaginary buildings.
The basic structures are primed and painted
and additional elements such as windows, doors
brick work...are added. More painting and gluing.

To complete the piece students may add landscape
elements and people/animals.  

a little snow glitter adds the last detail to this lovely pink palace


Mr. Bones Observed

Day of the Dead 3-D table shrines

The 6th grade students created these wonderful 3-D table top shrines over 3 class sessions.
We used or re-used small card stock box lids with pre-cut diamond windows  that were donated to the art room years ago as the frame base. Session 1, Using visual supports/table handouts the artists decorated their alter-frames using tissue paper and construction paper and white glue.. In session 2 they made small skull bead like forms out of air dry clay. They could add buttons/jewels/beads and or feathers to the clay skulls at this point or wait to add embellishments after the drying period. The last session was devoted to pulling all the parts together and running a wire through the skull so that it could be hung inside the box. Clear "sugar" glitter was the icing on the project!

Clay skull forms dry on wooden sticks turn to losen

Completed frame forms

Fitting the skull into the frame/alter

a view from the top

the finished pieces