After School Here Be Dragons

Grades K-3rd
During our six week after school studios we will explore the World of Dragons by creating our own 3-D sculpture of the great beast.  Each student will complete one personal dragon to take home at the end of the workshop series and our young artists will also participate in a group dragon project that will be on display to the entire school.
In this workshop series we will use a variety of materials and techniques such as markers, paint, lots of glue, paper mache and assemblage. Students will need to bring a paper grocery bag (with handle) to class to carry home their creation and if they would like they can bring a paint shirt for the messy days. I will provide all of the art supplies and materials for these projects but I welcome donations of recycled materials such as: cardboard tubes, bottle caps (all shapes and sizes), flats pieces of card board, plastic lids, buttons, wire…please feel free to send them with your child for use by the team.

one completed dragon is ready to go home

all our lovely creatures now have wings and eyes and some with glitter too