Day of the Dead 3-D table shrines

The 6th grade students created these wonderful 3-D table top shrines over 3 class sessions.
We used or re-used small card stock box lids with pre-cut diamond windows  that were donated to the art room years ago as the frame base. Session 1, Using visual supports/table handouts the artists decorated their alter-frames using tissue paper and construction paper and white glue.. In session 2 they made small skull bead like forms out of air dry clay. They could add buttons/jewels/beads and or feathers to the clay skulls at this point or wait to add embellishments after the drying period. The last session was devoted to pulling all the parts together and running a wire through the skull so that it could be hung inside the box. Clear "sugar" glitter was the icing on the project!

Clay skull forms dry on wooden sticks turn to losen

Completed frame forms

Fitting the skull into the frame/alter

a view from the top

the finished pieces