Black and White face studies

4th grade spent several classes review the parts of the human face. Using charcoal they explored shading and design and balance.

Completed Turtle Mandalas

Penguin Spong picture

This fun hands on project if perfect for younger students as an introduction to printmaking.  You might need two sessions so that the body (spong print) can properly dry. Pre cut shapes and crayons/color pencils complete the process.

Giraffe pictures on display

There's no people like Snowpeople...

Sorry about the title pun-this kindergarten lesson can be expanded to provide challenges for artists  of all ages. Draw 3 circles one on top of the other from large, medium and small in size. Review size and position. Use a variety of visual support materials and have students practice stacking the various shapes.  Draw together a horizon line to give the snow person some grounding.

Finished project was completed in chalk pastels using expressive colors.


artisan des arts: Homemade paper clocks - grade 5/6

This could be a fun project to try,
Maybe in connection to Dali or Early America
artisan des arts: Homemade paper clocks - grade 5/6: Here's a project that I really love - I did this with my grade 5/6 class as Christmas presents for their parents. I bought 34 dollar store...