September 2008

 Welcome, Kindergarten

This is Me!
Kinder Self Portrait project using crayons, pencil and colored pencils.

Welcome back to another fun year of art. Last year the art program involved not only materials, techniques and hands-on projects but also discussions regarding aesthetic and art history. I will continue building on that format this year as we as we explore the 7 elements of art. These are key ingredients used to develop and discuss art. Our spotlight artist for the entire year will be Pablo Picasso. Thanks to an increase in the resident arts budget from the PTG this year every student should receive at least 16 art classes. That means that your child will get 4 art history classes and a minimum of 12 studio work shops. We are fortunate here at David Lubin to have a designated art room, 5-D the room with the Mural outside as our central studio for all of these activities.

That’s just a brief outline of what we will be doing in art this year. If you would like more information about the art program please feel free to contact me at the school (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) or leave a message on the blog.