Day of the Dead

In honor of this cultural celebration 4th and 6th grade students are creating projects connected to this event.
Using a Sharpie to layout the details

4th grade students add details to skull

 4th graders drew and cut out (on newspaper) a large skull shape. This was painted with white tempera paint allowing some of the type to show through. This process is to reflect on the actual construction of paper mache skulls used to celebrate the day of the dead. Cardboard panels were given to each student and one sheet of foil. They covered the board with the foil leaving the surface as smooth as possible, names on the back of the board. The skull was glued in the middle of the foil area-this will provide the frame/background for the skull.
Part three is adding color and embellishments to both the sugar skull image and the background/frame. Artists used color sharpies, buttons, sequins and other decorative elements to complete these festive pieces.

Black and white skulls on silver foil panels

working at tables to add color and detail