Expressive Tree in a Landscape

This 2 part direct drawing and creative expression project is a great way to start the art year with older students. They always surprise themselves with the end result...and I must say I am pretty dazzled too! This project allows for high success, builds art skill confidence, connects to art history landscape compositions, addresses art vocabulary such a color theme, realistic, expressive, Fauvism, foreground, middle ground and background...and is just plain adventurous!

Direct drawing steps

After practicing on sketch paper students draw with white glue on black pre-cut construction paper. 
Allow the glue drawings to dry for at least 48 hours. Part II, compare and contrast realistic color choices with more expressive/non realistic choices. Model how to blend pastels and color in the direction of the shape to emphasize texture and or movement. Students then add color and detail with chalk and oil
pastels. Artists name signed with Sharpie in the corner.