Recycle Cherry Blossoms

It is blossom time here in Sacramento the perfect time for this great hands on painting/stamping activity. Connecting to Science Standards of plant growth cycles and revisiting seasons/weather we look at tree images in art that reflected a variety of styles and seasons (Impressionistic-Realistic). What is a blossom.

Hands on process. Large white paper with names-I modeled each step.
Using blank/expired Starbucks cards and black tempera paint students made branch marks on white paper working from a long diagonal line and adding side branches.

Stop remove black paint and cards. Small trays of tempera paint with pink, white and yellow paint were distributed along with a variety of small and med bottle caps, tiny wooden sticks and old yellow pencils/erasers. These tools were used to add the blossom details to each branch. Some blossoms could be falling or blowing in the wind. Best to limit the time for this step to help students self edit.

The result over 60 snapshots of spring and lots of less than 50 minutes!