May Student Art Show

Our annual Student Art Show (2013-14) over 1,000 pieces of art on display!

2nd grade Spring Cherry prints, Kinder Rainbow Robots, 4th grade Fall Trees, 3rd grade American Gothic Pop 

Kinder Sunflowers, 1st grade tigers and winter trees, 4th-6th Day of the Dead inspired art. 

2nd/3rd Imagination Architecture 

3rd grade American Gothic Pop and 5th grade Picasso faces with feeling.

2nd/3rd color "wheel" landscape, 2nd grade sea turtles, Special Needs Rainbow Umbrella, 6th grade 3-D take a line

1st grade paper faces with 5th/6th clay faces, fun with lines Kinder,
color "wheel" landscapes 2nd/3rd and famous portraits 5th 

2nd grade Mr. Bones, 5th grade Royals, Kinder Fall leaves, 3rd silly winter hat, Alverez class  Loud Lions.