Welcome to our 2014-15 Art Adventure

This year I have decided to have an art teacher mission statement. With so much emphasis being put on a Common Core/Essential Questions approach to education I feel it is important that I  have clear(er) target direction and a map to guide me-after all this year's theme is "Art Adventure". And so, to keep us all from getting lost I will post this in the art room and update it as need be, but for now here it is...

Ms. Janes Art Room Mission Statement

My pledge to all apprentice who enter:

“I will work hard to guide you in developing your creative voice and seek to nurture a life long love and appreciation of the arts through; discussion, observation, a variety of hands on experiences, skill building and reflection.”

·        The study of Other Artists, Cultures and Historic Periods are key to a strong foundation for creative growth.

·        Questions lead to Discovery, which can lead to Answers, which in turn often leads to more Questions.

·        Your Voice, your Vision and your Point of View are Valued.

·        Mistakes and Accidents are okay- these are signs that you are willing to try, willing to risk and there begins your great journey into Creativity.

·        Art is complex, building skills, mastering techniques- part process and part product; remember it is called an Art Work because it takes Work