How to Doodle

6th grade students were introduced to the world of doodling and Zen doodling. Using a series of handouts and direct drawing prompts they created a dozen different textures, patterns and or designs in their sketchbooks. This exercise was used as a warm-up for several classes and provides a foundation for the next couple of projects. I found that so many of our students either don't know how to doodle or are afraid they will doodle "wrong" or make a mistake. I shared with them that doodling is about freedom, no right or wrong...but there is a time and  place so don't doodle during your math lesson (or at least don't get caught).

copy of hand-out found on line used
to inspire students

Zen Doodling/Zentangle is more formal and structured approach to the doodle but their site provides a lot of fun creative direct drawing prompts and promotes the healthy meditative benefits of doodling . Check it out or google zentangle to see some youtube tutorials on the craft