Stylized Landscape

This 2 part, direct drawing project combines formal line and a graphic design sensibility with expressive color. Perfect connection to Fauvism and other 20th century Modernist Art movements.

Part I students are introduced to the parts of a landspace by looking at famous examples. Vocabulary to explore: foreground, background, middle ground, composition and balance. Through step by step direct drawing on sketch paper students create a landscape-one tree on a hill. After students are comfortable with the composition they are given black paper and a white glue bottle. Using the glue as the line, they recreate their landscape. Papers are set aside to dry.

Part II-Introducing color into the drawing. Student explore drawing and shading with chalk pastels. Discuss the use of expressive color and connect to Fauvism. Return glue drawings and review. Compare and contrast realistic and imaginary color choices. After the color is applied all works will be sprayed with a fixative as preservation measure.